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a fly collecter
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ģȯ ĸ(Ưǰ 10-0675197ȣ) Ҵµ ƴѰ ȿ

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Collector of fly

Fly hell, a battle of fly, because of fly. Lets begin to kill flies~~!


-A collector of fly (Ưǰ 10-0675197ȣ) works greatly!


-Those who are in a war with fly or researching about fly, here is the solution.


-No need electricity or medical support to catch the fly!


-The size is a little bit smaller than a gallon of water bottle.


Economical efficiency:


This doesnt need any electricity and after buy this, the foods for fly


is easy to get and it works semi-permanently.




Can install everywhere! And easy to transfer!


Easy to use:


Foods to feed for fly are easily put and remove, and cleaning the bodies of fly is easy.


Efficiency of this product:


After install for 1~2months, the fly decreases until can feel that fly decreased.


This product will work in tremendous way because some flies


even have an ability to infect the pets, animals, and even to humans.


Please have a comparison with other brands.


Compose of the product:

1. Cover.

2. Upper part.

3. Lower part.

4. Inside part.


How to install:


1. Put water until 3cm to the lower part of this product.

2. When the process of putting water, mix water with a bit of detergent.

3. Assemble the upper and lower part of the product.

4. Put food for the fly to the inside part.

5. Put together with all the parts.

6. Close cover.

7. Place where sunshine and wind occurs.

8. When installing product, please look this steps.


How to Contact


e-mail; bsm6252@naver.com



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